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Witherley Church of England Primary School


Summer 2023 - Enterprise Week

For Enterprise Week, we had to get into groups and decide what product we were going to make. We then had to write to Friends of Witherley (the bank!) to request a loan to buy the materials to make our product. As well as making out product, we had to think about our advertising campaign and profit margins. 

Our products of key rings, pencil and pen toppers and crispy cakes looked fantastic for our first sale. We were very surprised by how well they sold and we all made a proof!

After we had counted the money we had made (minus the loan from FOW), we had to decide how much we should reinvest for our next and final sale. There was a lot to think about as we wanted enough products to sell but not too much left over as we were wanting to make money!

We were then back onto making again and this time we considered how the presentation of the products could influence people buying!

Again, our second sale was a success and all our groups made a profit. The overall profit made by Adventurers class was £116.02. As a class we had lots of discussions about what we should do we the proof, finally after a vote, we decided to use half of the money for a class movie party and then the rest was shared between Cancer Research and WWF.

Enterprise Week was a big success. We learnt a lot about business and we are already talking about what we could do next year!