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Witherley Church of England Primary School


Level 5

In Level 5 children are taught a new set of graphemes and alternative pronunciations for graphemes that they already know as well as alternative spellings for phonemes (sounds).

Within Level 5 children will cover:

  • wh 
  • ph
  • ay/a-e (split digraph) eigh/ey/ei/a (long vowel sound)
  • ea/e-e (split digraph) ie/ey/y/e (long vowel sound)
  • ie/i-e (split digraph) y/i (long vowel sound)
  • ow/o-e (split diagraph)/oe/o (long vowel sound)
  • ew/ue/u-e (split diagraph)
  • aw/au/al
  • ir/ear
  • ou
  • oy
  • ere/eer
  • are/ear
  • ch
  • ce/ci/cy sc/st se
  • g/ge/dge
  • le
  • mb
  • kn/gn
  • wr
  • tch

Phase 5 Phonemes

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Phase 5 Phonemes with Alternative Spellings

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Here are a few fun, interactive games. Playing the games will add some variety for your child as they practise their reading and phonics skills. Some of these games can be accessed online for free with ICT games, for others you can use objects that you may already have around the house and don't forget about the games that can be accessed through your child's Bug Club Phonics account. 


For more reading and phonics games copy and paste the hyperlink into your search engine.


Cake Tin Phonics

Write and sort the words into the cake tin. The words could contain a focus sound or recap lots of other sounds. This could also be done with common exception words your child is learning, words they have found difficult whilst reading their book or even just phonemes. Once you’ve sorted the word cards, throw a coin, button, pom pom or anything and read the word where it lands.

Phoneme Detective

You will need a selection of magazines, leaflets, menus, junk mail, books etc. that you don’t mind being written in.

Give your child a highlighter or pen and ask them to look through a page(s) to see if they can spot, highlight or underline any words containing, for example a split digraph or an ai/ay sound.

Phonics 3 In A Row

This example shows phonemes from Phase 3 but can be easily adapted to include sounds in Phase 5 or even common exception and high frequency words.

The rules are simple:

Find someone to play with.

Say the sound or word.

If you say it correctly place a counter, button or small toy over the top.

Then your partner does the same.

The first person to get 3 in a row wins the game!

Forest Phonics 


Choose the phonemes you want to focus on.

Then see if you can make the words you hear with that sound.

Shark Sounds


Choose the phonemes you want to focus on.

Then move the shark to eat the phoneme that appears. 


Spooky Sounds


Select the phonemes you wish to focus on.

Then listen carefully to the phoneme that you hear.

Click and drag to correct grapheme for that phoneme into the spooky cauldron.

Phonics Pop


Select 3 or more focus phonemes to begin.

Listen carefully to the phoneme.

Can you pop all of the bubbles with that phoneme? 

Can you pop them all before they reach the top?