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Witherley Church of England Primary School


Level 6

In Phase 6 children develop their fluency as a reader and increase their accuracy when spelling. They will have already learnt the most often used grapheme-phoneme correspondences (GPCs) in the English language. Children will be able to sight-read a large number of words. When coming across an unfamiliar word, they have a range of strategies to decode them including their sounding and blending skills.

Within Phase 6 children will cover:

  • adding -ing suffix
  • adding -ed suffix
  • making words plural by adding -s and -es
  • adding the prefix re-
  • adding the prefix un-

Here are a few fun, interactive games. Playing the games will add some variety for your child as they practise their reading and phonics skills. Some of these games can be accessed online for free with Phonics Bloom and Phonics Play, for others you can use objects that you may already have around the house and don't forget about the games that can be accessed through your child's Bug Club Phonics account. 


For more reading and phonics games copy and paste the hyperlink into your search engine.

Planetary Plurals

Pond Life Plurals

Suffix Factory

Phase 6 Post

Write down present tense words on cards. 

Can your child add the -ed suffix to make them past tense?


Alternatively write down some present tense and past tense verbs. 

Can your children sort them correctly? Maybe they can construct their own letter box.

Step It Up Phonics Game

You will need some word cards with the root word and the s/es, ing, ed suffix added to them (look, looked, looking). 

Scatter the word cards around the room and show your child the suffix and root word grid they need to complete. Your child finds the words and sorts them according to root word and suffix. Once the grid is complete then go through them. Are they all correct? Have any mistakes been made? If the row is correct you can step on each from one side to the other.