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Witherley Church of England Primary School


Autumn 1 2021 Dimensions Curriculum - Athens v Sparta

Our Conflict Dimension topic this term was Athens v Sparta. In this unit of work, we have learnt about Ancient Greece, what life was like then, the conflicts that were had and mythology. As part of this we have discussed resilience, working as a team and bullying. We have also learnt about forces and made Greek pots from clay. 


We began our science by investigating what floated and sunk. We then went onto learn about how the shapes of objects affect if it floated or sunk, along with forces and Archimedes, 


We have reminded ourselves about the difference between isolated incidents and bullying. As part of this we have been doing drama where we have had to take on various rolls of the victim, the aggressor and by-standers. We have acted out various scenarios including where the victim answers back and how by-standers can effect the outcome of a situation. As a class, we also helped to review the school Anti-Bullying Policy. 

We have looked at resilience and persistence and understood why these are really good traits of a person. We challenged ourselves to balance a spoon on our nose; we had 3 minutes to master this so we got inventive as to how to do it! 

We've learnt about the skills needed by us to work as a team; listening, sharing and working together were mentioned. As a team, we were given a set amount of equipment (24 pieces of spaghetti, 1 metre of tape and 3 sheets of newspaper) to create the tallest structure. All of our teamwork skills were put to the test!

Many other tasks have also involved teamwork.

Greek Food

We have prepared and tried Greek food.


We used clay to make Greek pots.