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Witherley Church of England Primary School





Art is taught through thematic units. The attached overview (Appendix 1) maps out which thematic units feature this subject and the Long-Term Plan (Appendix 2) clearly shows the objectives taught.





Art is taught through a combination of subject knowledge and skills. Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom.  

We learn about artists including:- Jack Kirby, Julie Taymor, Romero Britto, Jackson Pollock, 

Pietro D’Angelo, Christy Brown, Ivan Aivazovsky, Cesar Manrique and Theresa Elvin.


In art, we learn about the mediums of collage, textiles, photography, drawing, painting, 3D form and sculpture, as well

as mixed media.



Art in Our Classrooms


In Navigators, as part of our theme 'Come Fly with me America' we learnt all about, American Artist, Jackson Pollock. We learnt about one of Pollock's artistic styles, abstract-expressionist art and the drip technique. We had a go at expressing an emotion using drip art. We thought about the colours that, we felt, were linked to our emotions and what coverage these should have on the paper. Once our paintings were complete, we had a go at trying to guess the different emotions that our friends were trying to convey. We learnt new vocabulary including: abstract, expressionist and technique. 


Here are a few examples of the work we produced. Can you guess the emotion that we were trying to convey through our art? 



We want our children to leave, Witherley Church of England Primary School, loving art and growing increasingly confident in analysing their own work and that of other artists. We will see children growing in resilience and showing good perseverance skills to continually evaluate and improve their own work. Children will have a good knowledge of artists - wanting to progress their knowledge and skills in to KS3. 

Art in Explorers