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Witherley Church of England Primary School


Phase 4 Phonics

Phase 4 phonics covers the consonant blends in different words. For example, ccvc words like drum, cvcc words like milk alongside polysyllabic words like helper and compound words like starfish. 


Phase 4 phonics is vital to support children in recognising all  the phonemes (sounds) in words to read them accurately as well as supporting their spellings of words. Therefore words like 'went' do not become 'wet' as children do not miss out the hidden consonant. 

Blending consonants in words for Phase 4

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Phase 4 phonics blending double consonants and supporting children to spot the hidden consonant in words in order to blend all phonemes to read and spell words accurately.
Children should be reminded and encouraged to look at all phonemes carefully before blending. Some children may find it useful to have sounds buttons support them underneath each phoneme. Another way to support is to encourage each child to point to the different phonemes that they see in words tp say the phonemes before blending together.

Reading polysyllabic and compound words in Phase 4.

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Reading polysyllabic and compound words in Phase 4.
Encourage children to sound out the different phonemes carefully and blend all the sounds together in words.