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Witherley Church of England Primary School


Home Learning Explorers (previously Panthers)

Autumn Term 2020

Please contact us through class dojo if you have any questions about the home learning we have posted.  Thank you. smiley

YR and Y1 Home Learning using online resources

Below are links to songs that we enjoy and also on line phonics lessons. 

YR: The letters that we have covered so far in phonics this term are (week beginning 9/11/20) - s a t p i n  m n  d g o p ck e u r.  It would be good to revisit these letters if you are at home. 

Y1: The sounds we have covered so far in phonics this term are (week beginning 9/11/2) - j w v x y zz z qu sh th ch ng ai ee oo (short and long sound) oa ar or igh ur ow oi ear

Beanstalk picture for story